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"Poster Printer” works with your existing printer to allow you to print documents at a much larger size than would fit on a single printed page Latest Version
1.0 BETA
Operating Systems Supported
Has Been Tested On
Windows 2000, XP
Should Work On
(check back as additional testing data becomes available)
Windows NT 4.0, Server 2003
Planned, not yet supported
Windows 95, 98, ME
Additional limitations
  1. Requires minimum 800 x 600 resolution
  2. Cannot be connected to across a network
    (however it can be used to print to OTHER printers connected across a network)
  3. Works best on high color (16 bit or above) displays.
GPL (free software)
Where To Download
 Temporary  -- this is a free file hosting service, you will have to go through some ads to get it, sorry.    A better download system (recently uploaded, may not yet be available here)..
  1. This page gives an overview of its features and uses.
  2. A detailed example of creating a poster:  Dolphins In Space
Michael H. Overlin
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Directory Web Site  --  Other web site locations for the software may be changed, but this one should stay fixed and available.

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screen shot

The Poster Printer software package works with your existing printers to allow you to print documents at a much larger size than would fit on a single sheet of paper.  This is accomplished by enlarging the document to print to multiple pages in such a way that the enlarged image appears to continue seamlessly across the separate pages of output. 

The software installs what appears to be a new virtual printer, by default named "Poster Printer", to your system.  The new printer operates similarly to a "fax" printer, capturing the images of documents that are printed to it.

After a document is printed, the "Poster Utility" is automatically launched.  From this utility you have the option of printing the document as you normally would, or enlarging any particular page to make a "poster" out of it.  The enlargement factor can be substantial -- if you want, you can make a poster spanning 5 feet, or more, from a single 8 1/2 by 11 inch document page.

screen shot showing cutting guide for a page
When pages are enlaged to create a poster, the enlarged pages are printed with "cutting guides" that show you which edges to cut off using a pair of scissors.    Using transparent tape you then assemble the enlarged pages together to create a single poster.

At the edges there is 1/4 inch of overlap in the images.  This allows you to align the images to produce a result of nearly professional quality.

Suggested Uses

1. Signs
  • for sale signs
  • announce a meeting
  • annoucne an event
word processor used to create a normal one page "motorcycle for sale" signStep 1:

I use my word processor to make a normal one page document.  (see #5 below)

screen shot showing motorcycle for sale sign enlarged in the "Poster Utility"Step 2

I print the document to my "Poster Printer",  use the selection tool to select just the text and graphics for my "for sale" sign from the printed document image (further explained in the "Dolphins In Space" example), and then enlage as shown
2. Presentations
  • Student
  • Business
screen shot showing a presentation poster
3. Decorative Posters
  • Child's Room
  • Classroom
See "Dolphins In Space" example.
4.  Political
  • Posters
  • Placards
  • Lawn Signs
political poster example
5. Utility for capturing images from any document you can print

screen shot showing motorcyle image being capturedThe selection tool allows you to frame any rectangular region from the image of a printed document page and then save it as a bitmap.  I used this capability in making my mock "motorcycle for sale" sign shown in #1 above.